School Leaving Certificate

The School Leaving Certificate is a document that’s provided when a student officially leaves the school. It states the reason for leaving and the level of education completed with the school.

Different processes require different kinds of documents. So, let’s find the ones you need.

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Where can I use it?

It can be used as proof of identity at the time of admission to a different school or college in another city, state, or country.

How do I get it?

You can get your School Leaving Certificate by submitting an application to the Head of the school/Principal in person, one month prior to leaving. Along with the application you need to submit a no dues certificate from the school library and ensure no fees are left unpaid.

When can I collect it?

The certificate is usually issued with 10-15 days and can be collected from the school office.

Can I make corrections to it?

Yes, you can get the information updated/corrected by visiting the school office in person.

Where else can you get a School Leaving Certificate?

Unfortunately, there are no alternative sources for issuing the School Leaving Certificate.

What if I lose it?

You first need to file a report with the police. Once done, you can submit a copy of the report along with an application stating that you’ve lost the certificate at the school office. They can then issue a duplicate copy of your School Leaving Certificate.

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