Domicile Certificate

The domicile certificate, also known as the residence certificate, is proof of a person’s permanent residence in a specific State or Union Territory of India. A person can only obtain this certificate for one State/UT.

Different processes require different kinds of documents. So, let’s find the ones you need.

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Where can I use it?

The domicile certificate can be used as proof of residence to avail benefits in education, Resident Quotas in the Government Service, and also in case of jobs that give preference to residents.

How do I get it?

You can get your domicile certificate by visiting the nearest Tehsil, District Magistrate, or registrar in the Revenue Department in person. Alternatively, you can also apply online. For the application, you will be required to submit your identity/address proof, and proof of date of birth.

When can I collect it?

The process takes 1-2 weeks to be completed across all States/UTs. After completion, the certificate can be collected from the same place you applied. In the case of an online application, it can be downloaded directly from the portal.

Can I make corrections to it?

Yes, you can get information update/corrected on your certificate in person. You can also check for an online application on your State Government’s website for citizen services.

What can I use instead of a Domicile Certificate?

Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to the domicile certificate.

What if I lose it?

You first need to file a report with the police. Once done, you can submit a copy of the report along with an affidavit and address/identity proof at your nearest Tehsil, District Magistrate’s office, or Revenue Department. They can then issue a duplicate copy of your domicile certificate.

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