Understand your Citizenship

We strive for a better India where every citizen is aware of the Power of the Vote and her participation in the country’s governance. Our Citizenship -Awareness programme offers a base understanding of Citizenship. Our toolkit consists of:

We have teamed up with the Chief Electoral Officer, Maharashtra, for promoting this programme in Maharashtra and plans to expand pan India. Our Comic Book is a joint initiative.

Comic Book

The comic book form was chosen for its engaging and user-friendly nature. Representation of serious content through images, conversation and stories makes the book very approachable. Now, in English, Marathi and Hindi, the book will soon be available in other regional languages as well.

The Comic Book is available on Blue Rose Publishers, Amazon, and Flipkart

For bulk orders; more than 25 please connect on contact@aagam.org .in or +91-8779789741

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